Fitwell Medical is a supplier of compression products.

Why Fitwell Medical?

Why Should You Go With Fitwell Medical? Here Are A Few Good Reasons.

Fast fittings

We efficiently custom fit you for your compression products

Accurate fittings

We carefully measure to ensure the best fit and comfort for you

Air travel industry

We are very familiar all aspects of compression as it relates to the air travel industry

Office Employees

We work with office employees and their employers taking a preventative approach to health to help avoid desk job related ailments

Care with Passion

Fitwell Medical truly cares for the health of our customers

Friendly Support

Know that you're in good hands with Fitwell Medical in support after the sale

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Here is some information regarding our compression products

Performance Socks

Performance Socks

Compression socks for running has additionally been followed by the fitness research companies. Various clothes are designed to improve the effectiveness of muscle tissue by stabilizing muscles and enhancing blood circulation/ lactic acid treatment. Today, compression stockings could be purchased in a wide array of opacities, colors, designs and sizes, making all of them practically indistinguishable from regular hosiery or socks.

Unlike old-fashioned dress or sports stockings and socks, compression socks & stockings utilize more powerful elastics which produces extra compression that is significant at yours ankles, foot, and legs. Compression stockings are tightest at the ankles and progressively end up being much less constrictive towards the legs as well as your thighs. The moving blood flow gets pushed through smaller circulatory channels by compressing the surface veins, arteries and muscular areas. As a benefit, the arterial pressure level gets greatly improved, that forces a lot more blood to get delivered towards your heart a lot less of your blood to pool into your feet.


What better ways to showcase our products and services than showing you videos?

If a picture says 1,000 words imagine what a video says about our product offering and the benefits.

Hopefully these videos will help you make an informed decision.

Fitwell Medical

Fitwell Medical works with you and your provider

Fitwell Medical works with you, your employer and your provider to develop the best compression solution for you. We understand the importance of preventative health and how important healthy circulation is to a healthy lifestyle.

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