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We host "Healthy Leg Day" events to educate the health risks of standing or sitting for long periods.


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About Fitwell Medical
Fitwell Medical Inc would like to work with you to create awareness and have a healthier work enviroment for you and your employees.
Fitwell MedicalFitwell Medical Inc is a small privately owned company dedicated to improving employee health in the workplace. Our main objective is to educate employee’s whom jobs require them to sit or stand for long periods of time. Sitting for long periods of time slows blood circulation, which causes fluid to pool in the legs and feet. Problems range from swollen feet and ankles, spider veins, varicose veins and dangerous blood clots called Deep Vein Thrombosis commonly known as (DVT).

There are a number of different remedies that aid in good circulation. One of the most popular and effective remedies to promote circulation is through compression therapy, most commonly known as compression socks, performance socks and sleeves.

At your convenience, Fitwell Medical Inc and Paige Wahl from Sigvaris will come to your location and host a “Healthy Leg Day”.This gives your employee’s the opportunity to obtain proper information and education to maintaining healthy legs while in the workplace and also provides them the option to be fitted with compression socks.

Most insurance plans cover compression socks. Employee’s may also have Extended Benefits, Health Spending Account or may have additional coverage through a spouse. We encourage that employees look into benefit coverage prior to “Healthy Leg Day” Fitwell Medical Inc would like to work with you to create awareness and have a healthier work environment for you and your employees.
Prevention - The Dangers of Sitting at Work
  • Sciesdntists at the University of Missouri have found that the act of sitting seems to shut off circulation of a fat-absorbing enzyme called lipase.
  • A study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that sitting for long stretches, more that six hours a day, can make someone at least 18% more likely to die from diabetes, heart disease and obesity than those sitting less than three hours a day.
  • Scientist at Pennington Biomedical Research Centrer in Louisiana analyzed the lifstyles of more than 17,000 men and women over about 13 years, and found that people who sit for most of the day are 54% more likely to die of heart attacks.
For full article visit: http://healthland.time.com
Healthy Leg Day
These are images taken from one of our Healthy Leg Day events. All of our Healthy Leg Day events have a great turnout and we believe it has to do with the fact that we truly care about your employees health and well-being. We also try to create a fun and stimulating environment allowing your employees to have a good time while learning.

Fitwell Medical slogan is "Valuing Employee Health", we always put your employees and your needs before our own.
Some Samples of Our Products We Carry
We carry the Sigvaris brand because they produce top of the line compression hosiery and they stand behind all of their products. Sigvaris has been in business for 150 years so they are here to stay.
FAQs Compression Socks
We have listed three common questions people have regarding compression socks. See FAQs for more information on compression socks and their benefits.
  • What are compression socks, and what do they do?
Graduated compression stockings are special stockings that help promote circulation in your legs. In your leg veins blood must flow upwards to the heart. READ MORE..
  • Do I need a prescription to buy these?
Insurance plans vary depending on the provider. It is important to look into reimbursement requirements before purchasing the product, or if you have a medical condition that is in question.
  • Who should wear compression socks?
If your job requires you to be on your feet or sit without movement for extended periods of time, than compression socks are for you! If you play sports, run or bike long distances, compression socks will help you to achieve maximum leg muscle efficiency and aid in muscle recovery post workout.
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